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Race Results

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Winners History

Year Team Origin Class Time
2019 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:33:36
2018 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:35:16
2017 Red Bull Va‘a  Big Island, Hawaii Open Glass 4:50:01
2016 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:49:17
2015 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:57:42
2014 EDT Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:51:43
2013 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:53:35
2012 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 5:15:49
2011 Shell Va‘a Tahiti Open Glass 4:30:54
2010 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:38:50
2009 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass  4:40:17
2008 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:38:35
2007 Shell Va‘a Te Uira  Tahiti Open Glass 4:40:22
2006 Shell Va‘a Te Uira  Tahiti Open Glass 4:46:04
2005 Lanikai 1 Kamehana‘okala  Hawaii Open Glass 5:17:00
2004Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 4:54:05
2003Team New Zealand/Hawaii HawaiiOpen Glass 5:02:24
2002RaiTahitiOpen Glass 5:11:35
2001Team New Zealand/Hawaii HawaiiOpen Glass 5:02:57
2000Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 4:58:18
1999Outrigger Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 5:13:02
1998Outrigger Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 5:16:02
1997Australia Outrigger Canoe ClubAustraliaOpen Glass 4:57:45
1996Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 5:15:42
1995Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 4:53:03
1994Faaa Canoe ClubTahitiOpen Glass 5:02:50
1993Faaa Canoe ClubTahitiOpen Glass 5:02:50
1992Panamuna Canoe Club Open Glass5:30:57
1991Australia Outrigger Canoe ClubAustraliaOpen Glass 5:39:15
1990Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:19:38
1989Offshore Canoe Club Open Glass5:06:29
1988Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:08:11
1987Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:32:46
1986Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:27:45
1985Illinois BrigadeChicagoOpen Glass 5:33:40
1984Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:19:19
1983Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:45:09
1982Offshore Canoe Club Open Glass6:08:35
1981Offshore Canoe Club Open Glass5:28:01
1980Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:52:26
1979Outrigger Canoe Club
Hale O Lono to Fort DeRussy: 41.01 Miles
HawaiiOpen Glass 5:43:52
1978Blazing Paddles
Hale O Lono to Magic Island: 41.46 Miles
Open Glass5:43:52
1977Outrigger Canoe Club
Kaunakakai to Magic Island: 55.6 Miles
HawaiiOpen Glass 5:55:00
1976Te Oropaa
Hale O Lono to Moana Hotel: 41.41 Miles
TahitiOpen Glass 7:53:40
1975Outrigger Canoe Club
HawaiiOpen Glass 5:39:07
1974Lanikai Canoe Club
Kaunakakai to Sans Souci: 53.32 Miles
HawaiiOpen Glass 6:18:55

OHCRA is proud to announce the unveiling of the Pae`aina Challenge, to be held from October 1 - 9, 2022 in concert with the Aloha Festivals, celebrating 70 years of canoe racing history. Events include festivities on and off the water, culminating in a canoe expo and a two-stage international distance race for men and women of all ages.

Follow @OHCRA or @PaeAinaChallenge on social media to keep up to date on details on the coming races.