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Winners History

Year Team Origin Class Time
2019 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:33:36
2018 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:35:16
2017 Red Bull Va‘a  Big Island, Hawaii Open Glass 4:50:01
2016 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:49:17
2015 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:57:42
2014 EDT Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:51:43
2013 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:53:35
2012 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 5:15:49
2011 Shell Va‘a Tahiti Open Glass 4:30:54
2010 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:38:50
2009 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass  4:40:17
2008 Shell Va‘a  Tahiti Open Glass 4:38:35
2007 Shell Va‘a Te Uira  Tahiti Open Glass 4:40:22
2006 Shell Va‘a Te Uira  Tahiti Open Glass 4:46:04
2005 Lanikai 1 Kamehana‘okala  Hawaii Open Glass 5:17:00
2004Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 4:54:05
2003Team New Zealand/Hawaii HawaiiOpen Glass 5:02:24
2002RaiTahitiOpen Glass 5:11:35
2001Team New Zealand/Hawaii HawaiiOpen Glass 5:02:57
2000Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 4:58:18
1999Outrigger Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 5:13:02
1998Outrigger Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 5:16:02
1997Australia Outrigger Canoe ClubAustraliaOpen Glass 4:57:45
1996Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 5:15:42
1995Lanikai Canoe Club HawaiiOpen Glass 4:53:03
1994Faaa Canoe ClubTahitiOpen Glass 5:02:50
1993Faaa Canoe ClubTahitiOpen Glass 5:02:50
1992Panamuna Canoe Club Open Glass5:30:57
1991Australia Outrigger Canoe ClubAustraliaOpen Glass 5:39:15
1990Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:19:38
1989Offshore Canoe Club Open Glass5:06:29
1988Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:08:11
1987Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:32:46
1986Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:27:45
1985Illinois BrigadeChicagoOpen Glass 5:33:40
1984Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:19:19
1983Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:45:09
1982Offshore Canoe Club Open Glass6:08:35
1981Offshore Canoe Club Open Glass5:28:01
1980Outrigger Canoe ClubHawaiiOpen Glass 5:52:26
1979Outrigger Canoe Club
Hale O Lono to Fort DeRussy: 41.01 Miles
HawaiiOpen Glass 5:43:52
1978Blazing Paddles
Hale O Lono to Magic Island: 41.46 Miles
Open Glass5:43:52
1977Outrigger Canoe Club
Kaunakakai to Magic Island: 55.6 Miles
HawaiiOpen Glass 5:55:00
1976Te Oropaa
Hale O Lono to Moana Hotel: 41.41 Miles
TahitiOpen Glass 7:53:40
1975Outrigger Canoe Club
HawaiiOpen Glass 5:39:07
1974Lanikai Canoe Club
Kaunakakai to Sans Souci: 53.32 Miles
HawaiiOpen Glass 6:18:55



Our Sponsors

OHCRA would like to thank all those who participate each year in the Molokai Hoe race and it doesn't go without saying that this event would not be possible without the assistance of our generous sponsors. Each year, we rely upon these sponsors to continue to support the race and we also invite new sponsors to come on board.

If you would like to talk to us about sponsorship opportunities for this race - please Contact Us for more information.